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Krypt As the music remains integral part of the human culture, it always follows the spirit of time and emphasizes what’s currently most important. But the culture became techno-culture, with every it’s aspect strictly connected to technology. Even the arts are developed under the usage of tools – and it is hard to find those tools not to be digital. It all started ages ago, when technology was scarcely primitive. The culture extended over the means of manufacturing and not everything could be done. But ideas remained.

Today’s different. The technology is limitless. It extends beyond the sight of concept. Krypt is dedicated to use modern resources it provides in order to awake the ideas born in ancient times. And to remind, that they were the cradle of contemporary civilization. Although most of them was adopted, remixed, abandoned or forgotten, they might be still worth experiencing – to remember, from where all this is coming from.

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Forgotten EP

Released: 29 April 2013

1. Asyrian
2. Ziggurat
3. Tsbreh

Release on Teskoba Recording

Preview: [LINK]

Discovered EP

Announced (end of June 2013)

Details will be delivered soon.

VA - Podwórko EP

Released: 10 February 2015

1. Concept Of Thrill - Closer To The Ground
2. Tomek Jedynak - Why
3. Piotr Klejment - KD's Track
4. Krypt - Tempus Fugit

Release on Strikt: [LINK]

Preview: [LINK]

Just Below The Horizon EP

Released: 14 April 2015

1. Just Below The Horizon
2. Frontier Of Space
3. 3 Billion Years From Now
4. World Erased By Light

Release on Monolith Records: [LINK]

Preview: [LINK]